Thermocol Sheets 

Thermocol sheets contains an important thermoplastic compound, called polystyrene which is obtained by the polymerization of styrene or Phenyl thane. They can be used in cavity wall, duct and floor insulation, void filling, floor raising and packaging application. High density thermocol sheets are recommended for insulation and floor raising applications. We provide Thermocol Wall Insulation sheets as per your requirements.

Thermocol Insulation

Thermocol are primarily utilized to manufacture disposable trays, cups, packaging materials, containers, etc. Thermocol are also used to make loose packaging products known as packing peanuts and insulation boards for floors, walls, and roofs in buildings. Thermocol Insulation sheets used on top roof of Poultry Control shed. Thermal resistance of a protecting material relies on upon the kind of material and the thickness. Thermal protection is a system to decrease the exchange of warmth from outside to inside Thermocol sheets dealer in Lahore.

Thermocol Roof Insulation

Thermocol or EPS sheets are in fact an excellent thermal insulator for the Roof climate. They are lightweight and affordable (making them easy to install), with a high insulation value. When you insulate, it does not let the heat in during summers, because the source of heat is the exterior environment. Insulate your ceilings, roofs for life time for the long life of your building. The houses are built using thermocol moulds and the strength is obtained by filling the block with concrete. These houses are aimed to be very energy efficient Thermocol sheets dealer in Lahore.

Packing Material

This thermocol sheet is used for packaging purpose and provides excellent protection to delicate items in case of accidental falls. Provided sheet is highly acclaimed in market due to its fire insulation nature as well as impact resistant nature. Thermocol Sheet is provided in safe packaging to avoid outer impacts during transit.  These are available in various thickness and densities to suite varied applications. These EPS thermocol sheets deliver an environment friendly solution for packaging at the industrial level.